Late Night Talking|| Keebit

[Keegan watched as the common room in Wellington cleared out. Everyone was heading off to do their own things around town whether it be drinking at St. Elmos or sneaking into girls dorms, he should have been on his way to go bother Lana or Aiden but he knew that Kerry would be on his way to talk to him. Keegan wasn’t looking forward to it. He didn’t feel right about having outed him to Lana but she was Keegan’s best friend, he couldn’t possibly keep a secret from her. Plus he trusted her with his life, she wouldn’t tell a soul. Keegan walked back to Kerry’s room, knocking on the door. His heart started to race, nervous to what would come from his conversation. His lips formed light smile when he saw the door open.] Hi. 

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    "That would really cool of you." Keegan looked at Two-Bit, and he could tell that he was nervous. He couldn’t even look...