It smells like Thai Food || Lagan

[Keegan walked towards Ashford in his onesie. After the good news that he had gotten that day, he needed some time with Lana. He needed to gush all about how he was back on track to becoming the Keegan Dolsen, he wanted to me. He basically had to resist the urge to skip from the happiness he was feeling at the moment. After the past weeks of drama, it finally felt as if things were clearing up. The guilt and anger was fading away just like the snow from last weeks storm. Maybe his life was taking a cue from mother nature. After the bitterness of winter, comes the bloom of positive things. He gave the security guard at the front desk of the magestic door a small salute before rushing up the stairs to the familiar door. He knocked, a big grin on his face.] Open up, it’s your other lover. 

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